Toys for Bob recently announced a new partnership deal with Microsoft for its upcoming game, following the studio’s departure from Activision Blizzard. This partnership has been a topic of speculation since the split, with Toys for Bob hinting at potential collaborations with Microsoft to support their future projects.

A report from Windows Central has confirmed that the partnership between Toys for Bob and Microsoft is now finalized. According to reporter Jez Corden, Matt Booty from Xbox game content division confirmed during a Microsoft town hall meeting that an agreement has been reached for Toys for Bob’s first game as an independent studio. While Booty did not disclose specific details about the game, he hinted that it will be in line with the studio’s previous titles.

Given Toys for Bob’s history with developing games in the Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot franchises, there is speculation that their next game could be another installment in the Spyro series. The studio’s leaders, Paul Yan and Avery Lodato, hinted at this possibility in their independence announcement by referencing Spyro’s iconic horns and a phrase from the original game.

The specifics of Toys for Bob’s partnership with Microsoft have not been disclosed to the public. It is unclear whether the deal involves financial support, IP rights, or the development of new games in existing franchises. However, it is reasonable to assume that Microsoft’s involvement will play a significant role in the studio’s upcoming projects.

According to a recent Toys for Bob blog post, their next game is still in the “early days” of development. The studio has remained tight-lipped about any details regarding the project, leaving fans to speculate and eagerly await further announcements. As suggested by the studio, it is advised to “keep your horns on” and stay tuned for future updates on their progress.

Toys for Bob’s new partnership with Microsoft opens up exciting possibilities for the studio’s future projects. With their rich history in developing beloved franchises, fans can expect another engaging and immersive gaming experience from this collaboration. Stay tuned for more news and updates as development progresses.


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