When venturing through the dangerous streets of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3, having a solid understanding of combat and survival techniques is crucial. From effectively managing hordes of zombies to optimizing your inventory space, these tips will ensure you stay alive and come out victorious in the end. Whether it’s conserving ammo or knowing when to make a strategic retreat, mastering these basics is essential for your survival.

One of the keys to success in Resident Evil 3 is maximizing your inventory space, and the Hip Pouches play a vital role in achieving this. By uncovering all the hidden Hip Pouches scattered throughout the game, you can significantly increase your carrying capacity, allowing you to hoard more items and ammunition without leaving anything behind. Use this guide to locate all the elusive Hip Pouches and stay well-prepared for every encounter.

Locked doors often conceal valuable resources and essential items that can aid you in your journey through Raccoon City. By acquiring the codes and combinations needed to unlock these doors, you can access hidden caches of ammo and supplies that will make your survival easier. Be sure to keep an eye out for lockers and safes, and use this guide to uncover their secrets and reap the rewards within.

While not essential to progression, collecting the three hidden gems in Resident Evil 3 can yield valuable rewards like the shotgun stock and additional inventory space. These gems are cleverly tucked away behind locked doors, waiting to be discovered by savvy players. Follow this guide to unravel the mystery of the gems and claim your well-deserved prizes, enhancing your chances of survival in the process.

The train puzzle in Resident Evil 3 presents a formidable challenge that tests your analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. By deciphering the station codes and plotting a course through obstructed tracks, you can navigate your way to freedom and progress further in the game. If you find yourself struggling with this intricate puzzle, fear not – this guide will provide you with the necessary strategies to overcome it and continue your journey unimpeded.

Throughout the city, you’ll encounter numerous bright yellow padlocks that can only be opened with the Resident Evil 3 lockpick. This invaluable tool allows you to access restricted areas and unlock hidden treasures that may prove instrumental to your survival. While obtaining the lockpick requires reaching a specific point in the story, having it in your possession will significantly broaden your exploration options. Refer to this guide for detailed instructions on acquiring the lockpick and making the most of its capabilities.

As you approach the conclusion of Resident Evil 3, you’ll encounter the challenging vaccine puzzle that demands careful analysis and strategic thinking. This complex puzzle serves as a final test of your intellect and resourcefulness, requiring you to make critical decisions that will impact the outcome of the game. If you find yourself stuck at this pivotal moment, consult this guide for expert advice on navigating the vaccine puzzle and securing a successful resolution to your harrowing ordeal.

Remember, survival in Raccoon City is no easy feat, but with the knowledge and strategies provided in this comprehensive guide, you can increase your chances of overcoming the odds and emerging triumphant in the face of danger. Arm yourself with these essential tips and tools, and embark on your journey through the treacherous streets of Resident Evil 3 with confidence and determination. Good luck, and may your survival instincts guide you to safety.


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