A player has managed to defeat Isshin, The Sword Saint in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice without utilizing some of the game’s core abilities. This includes no walking, running, jumping, or using the crucial Mikiri counter ability. This feat has left many in awe as it defies conventional gaming strategies and showcases an incredible level of skill and determination.

The absence of the Mikiri counter, which is typically crucial for countering thrusting attacks in Sekiro, makes this achievement even more impressive. The player has found alternative methods to counteract Isshin’s thrusting attacks, demonstrating a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and enemy patterns. This unexpected success has perplexed many observers who were unaware that it was even possible to parry thrust attacks without the Mikiri counter.

Despite the player’s remarkable accomplishment, it is evident that they faced significant challenges during the battle with Isshin. The video footage reveals moments where the player struggles against the boss and is pushed onto the defensive. The player has also mentioned that it took numerous attempts, approximately “like 45 tries,” to finally emerge victorious. This level of persistence and dedication is commendable, as it highlights the player’s commitment to overcoming obstacles and achieving their goal.

The achievement of defeating Isshin without using core abilities raises questions about the limitations of traditional gaming strategies and the potential for alternative approaches to succeed. The player’s intention to attempt other Sekiro bosses with similar restrictions indicates a willingness to push the boundaries of gaming conventions and explore new possibilities. This not only showcases the player’s skill and creativity but also inspires other gamers to think outside the box and challenge themselves in unforeseen ways.

The player’s extraordinary feat of defeating Sekiro’s final boss without relying on essential abilities is a testament to their ingenuity and determination. This achievement not only defies conventional gaming norms but also serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities within the gaming world. As the player continues to explore new challenges and push their limits, they pave the way for a new era of gaming excellence and innovation.


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