April brings a fresh selection of eShop hidden gems waiting to be discovered by Nintendo Switch players. This month’s eShop Selects features the top picks as voted by Nintendo Life staff, as well as a separate poll for the Reader’s Choice. Let’s dive into the standout titles that have caught our attention.

Despite being labeled a “quieter” release month, April 2024 still managed to deliver some exceptional games. The staff poll included titles that received a rating of 7/10 or higher, showcasing the cream of the crop. Among the honorable mentions, Berserk Boy stands out for its fast-paced gameplay reminiscent of classic platformers like Sonic, coupled with a touch of Mega Man’s style. The game’s 16-bit aesthetic and Metroidvania elements make it a delight to play, earning it an impressive 8/10 in our review.

Another standout title in this month’s lineup is Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story, the second installment in Digital Eclipse’s Gold Master Series. This compilation offers players a unique opportunity to delve into the history and games of industry icon Jeff Minter. The interactive documentary format allows gamers to experience Minter’s evolution as a game developer, making it a fascinating and educational journey. Our review awarded Llamasoft a stellar 9/10 rating, recognizing its innovative approach to storytelling.

For fans of the classic Game Boy Advance title Drill Dozer, Pepper Grinder offers a spiritual successor that captures the same essence of charm and creativity. Playing as a pirate armed with a drill, players embark on a colorful adventure filled with inventive level design and engaging mechanics. Pepper Grinder’s demo is a must-try for those seeking a fresh platforming experience. Our review praised the game with a high 9/10 rating, solidifying its status as a staff favorite in this month’s eShop Selects.

Taking the top spot in the Reader’s Choice poll is Death Trick: Double Blind, a captivating indie title showcased in a previous Indie World event. With a unique gameplay mechanic that involves switching between two perspectives to solve a circus mystery, Death Trick captivated voters with its immersive storytelling. Securing 17% of the total votes, this standout title impressed players and critics alike.

As April comes to a close, the eShop continues to surprise us with hidden gems that deserve recognition. From retro-inspired platformers to inventive narrative experiences, this month’s selection offers something for every type of gamer. Stay tuned for more exciting eShop releases and don’t hesitate to explore these hidden gems for yourself.


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