In the world of SSDs, finding a balance between performance, capacity, and price can be a challenging task. However, during the Amazon Gaming Week sales, we stumbled upon a remarkable deal on the WD Black SN850X SSD. Priced at $140 for the 2TB configuration, this SSD boasts impressive read/write speeds of 7,300 MB/s and 6,350 MB/s respectively. What sets this drive apart is not only its speed but also its all-around capabilities.

The WD Black SN850X is not only fast but also efficient, running cool and collected even under heavy usage. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to use it as their main system drive. While there is an option to pay extra for a heatsink-clad version, our tests have shown that it is not entirely necessary. With a write endurance of 600TB, this SSD is built to last, making it a solid investment for the long run.

For those on a budget, the Lexar NM790 offers a compelling combination of high performance at an affordable price point. Priced at just under $72 for the 1TB version on Amazon, this drive provides a cost-effective way to introduce fast Gen 4 storage into your system. While it may not have the same capacity as the WD Black SN850X, the Lexar NM790 excels in terms of speed, boasting a read rating of 7,400 MB/s and write rating of 6,500 MB/s.

Powered by the MaxioTech MAP1602A controller, the Lexar NM790 delivers top-tier performance and reliability. Even without a bulky heatsink, this SSD manages to stay cool during operation, ensuring optimal performance. With a maximum write endurance of 1000TB, the Lexar NM790 is designed to withstand heavy usage over an extended period.

As tech enthusiasts ourselves, we have personally put these SSDs to the test in our own machines. The WD Black SN850X and Lexar NM790 have not only met but exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and reliability. Colleague Nick Evanson swears by the WD Black SN850X, owning four drives himself and praising their quality. I personally use the 2TB variant of the Lexar NM790 as my main SSD and have been thoroughly impressed by its consistent top-tier performance.

If you are considering upgrading your storage solution, both the WD Black SN850X and Lexar NM790 are excellent choices available at competitive prices on Amazon. While SSD prices have seen an increase, these deals prove that high-quality storage solutions can still be found at reasonable prices. Rest assured, these are not just drives we recommend to others, but drives we trust to use in our own systems.

The Amazon Gaming Week sales have uncovered some hidden gems in the world of gaming SSDs. With the WD Black SN850X and Lexar NM790, you can expect high performance, reliability, and affordability all rolled into one. Upgrade your storage today and experience the power of these exceptional SSDs for yourself.


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