Growing up as the oldest of four brothers, Nathan found a unique way to connect with his siblings through video games. Instead of playing games together, they established an annual tradition of engaging in weeks-long discussions and debates about games and game music. This tradition was born out of the COVID lockdown as a means of staying connected and entertained during challenging times.

Nathan’s analytical personality shines through as he meticulously organizes and analyzes the data collected from their gaming challenges. While his brothers enjoyed participating in the challenges, it was clear that Nathan took it to another level by delving deep into the patterns and trends that emerged from their responses. This analytical approach set him apart from his siblings and highlighted how his personality influenced his gaming experience.

As the driving force behind the challenges, Nathan continuously sought to innovate and create new ways to engage with his brothers through gaming. From the original “30-Day Video Game Music Challenge” to the intricately crafted “Lockard Bros. Best. Game. Ever” tournament bracket, Nathan’s creativity and attention to detail were evident in the challenges he designed. Each challenge provided insight into his gaming preferences and personality traits.

Nathan’s love for organization and analysis extended beyond his gaming challenges into his everyday life as a software architect. His structured personality influenced not only his approach to gaming but also his professional endeavors. The meticulous planning and number crunching involved in the challenges mirrored his tendencies in code repositories and collection management.

Through the annual gaming challenges, Nathan gained a deeper understanding of how his personality and passions influenced his gaming habits. The challenges served as a window into his mindset, preferences, and behaviors, providing valuable insight into his own self. As Socrates once said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom,” and Nathan’s journey through the gaming challenges was a step towards self-awareness and personal growth.

As Nathan reflected on the impact of his personality on his gaming preferences, he encouraged others to consider how their own personal and professional proclivities might affect the way they enjoy video games. The challenges served as a tool for self-discovery and introspection, prompting him to explore the connections between his personality traits and his choices in gaming. Ultimately, the gaming challenges not only strengthened the bond between Nathan and his brothers but also facilitated personal growth and self-awareness.


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