Fortnite Magneto Power offers players the ability to wield powerful gauntlets that can shoot explosive blasts of metal and energy, as well as summon a protective shield. These Magneto Gauntlets are rare and challenging to find, making them a coveted item in the game.

How to Obtain Magneto Power

While there is a chance to come across Magneto Power randomly as floor loot or in chests, the guaranteed way to acquire it is by heading to the Brawler’s Battleground location in the southeast corner of the island. There, players can interact with Wastelander Magneto and purchase the Magneto Power for 400 bars. However, it is crucial to act quickly, as only one of this item is in stock per match, and competition from other players is fierce.

Once equipped with Magneto Power, players have access to two primary functions. The right trigger activates the Fire ability, launching a ball of metal and energy that deals significant damage. Players can hold up to five charges of this attack, with each charge taking several seconds to recharge. The left trigger activates the Block ability, summoning a metal shield that can absorb incoming fire before breaking.

In addition to wielding the power of Magneto in combat, players can complete various tasks using this weapon. These tasks include hitting vehicles with Magneto Power, traveling distances in the air, eliminating opponents, and blocking hits. Each task presents a unique challenge that requires players to hone their skills and utilize the full potential of Magneto Power in Fortnite.

Fortnite Magneto Power offers a unique and powerful weapon that adds an exciting element to gameplay. With its explosive abilities and protective shield, Magneto Power is a valuable asset for players looking to dominate the battlefield. By mastering the functions of the gauntlets and completing the associated challenges, players can truly unleash the full potential of Magneto in Fortnite.


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