For years, Monster Hunter has been a game that has eluded me. Despite multiple attempts to dive into the series with games like Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, I always found myself struggling to grasp the complex systems and gameplay mechanics that define the franchise. However, all of that changed when I had the opportunity to attend a hands-off preview presentation of Monster Hunter Wilds at the Summer Game Fest.

The demo I witnessed took place on the Windward Plains map, a dusty biome with a giant rock ‘eye’ that serves as a focal point in the game’s early marketing. Despite my initial reservations, I found myself completely immersed in the stunning environment, teeming with life and atmosphere. The objective of Monster Hunter is to hunt and eliminate creatures, and the presentation wasted no time in getting down to business.

Before embarking on the hunt, the game introduced a new deployable camp feature that allows hunters to stay out in the wild for extended periods without needing to return to town. A hearty meal was shared with a friendly Palico companion, providing a boost of energy for the upcoming battle. With preparations complete, it was time to set off into the wilderness.

The Hunt Begins

As the demo continued, the presenter set their sights on an ‘Alpha Dashagura’, a formidable creature reminiscent of a WarCraft kodo beast. Rather than engaging the beast directly, the presenter opted to approach from behind while wearing a ghillie suit for a tactical advantage. Chaos ensued as the creature’s pack was alerted, leading to a frantic chase through the landscape.

After a series of strategic maneuvers, the hunter managed to lure the alpha beast into a canyon nook where a cleverly placed trap dispatched the remaining creatures. The ensuing battle was intense and lasted a significant portion of the demo. Various gameplay mechanics were showcased, including the ability to use environmental elements as weapons and the introduction of NPC support hunters to aid in the fight.

Dynamic Environments

Throughout the presentation, emphasis was placed on the dynamic weather systems and lively environments in Monster Hunter Wilds. The appearance of the zone’s apex monster during a storm added an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay experience. The realistic weather effects and immersive environments truly set the stage for an epic and thrilling hunt.

My experience with Monster Hunter Wilds left me feeling exhilarated and determined to delve deeper into the world of Monster Hunter. The game’s intricate gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and immersive environments all came together to create a gaming experience like no other. As I eagerly await the release of Monster Hunter Wilds, I can’t help but feel excited about the adventures that lie ahead in this captivating and dynamic world.


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