If you are a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you may already be enjoying the library of classic Nintendo games available with your subscription. However, did you know that there are exclusive games only available in the Japanese version of the collection? By following a few simple steps, you can unlock Japan-only games like Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance.

The first step in accessing these exclusive games is to create a Japanese Nintendo Switch account. To do this, go to accounts.nintendo.com and start the account creation process. Make sure to use a different email address than your primary account and set the region to Japan when prompted. Once the account is created, sign in on your console.

Creating a New Profile

After signing in with your Japanese account, head to the settings and users section on your Nintendo Switch to create a new profile. Give it a nickname and picture, then link your Japanese Nintendo Account to the profile. This will allow you to access the Japanese eShop.

Accessing the Japanese eShop

Open the eShop with your new account, and you will be directed to the Japanese version of the store. While the majority of the shop is in Japanese, look for the “Nintendo Switch Online” section, which is labeled in English. Here, you can browse and download the exclusive collections, such as the Game Boy Advance collection featuring Mother 3.

Downloading Exclusive Games

Once you have found the collection you want to download, simply select the games of your choice and start the download process. Return to the main menu of your Nintendo Switch once the download is complete.

After downloading the games, you can open the Japanese versions of the Nintendo Switch Online collections from the main menu of your Switch. Remember to select your primary account, as an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to access the games. While the games and menus will be in Japanese, you now have the ability to play exclusive titles like Mother 3 on your Nintendo Switch.

Unlocking exclusive Nintendo Switch Online games from the Japanese collection is a great way to expand your gaming library and experience titles that were previously unavailable in your region. With a few simple steps, you can access a whole new world of classic Nintendo games and immerse yourself in the rich gaming history that Japan has to offer. Happy gaming!


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