Developing strong bonds with party members in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is crucial in determining who you will go on a date with at the Gold Saucer. These bonds are established throughout the story and can impact both the narrative and combat aspects of the game. Knowing how to nurture these relationships and which choices to make is essential for getting close to your preferred character.

There are various ways to strengthen your bond with party members. Interacting with them during key moments, choosing responses they appreciate, and utilizing synergy skills and abilities in combat all contribute to deepening your connection. Engaging in specific Odd Jobs that involve party members can also help enhance your bond.

Certain events in the game are directly tied to characters and can significantly impact the strength of your bond with them. Each character has unique bonding moments and key choices that influence your relationship with them. Making the right decisions and excelling in these events will increase the likelihood of them becoming your Gold Saucer date.

The date at the Gold Saucer unfolds in two parts. Initially, a character will approach you to join you at the Gold Saucer based on the strength of your bond. Later, during the Skywheel date in chapter 12, another character will accompany you depending on your relationship with them.

– **Aerith**: Bonding with Aerith is influenced by conversations, Odd Jobs, combat synergy, performance in events like the Seventh Infantry Inauguration parade, and shared tastes in beachwear.

– **Tifa**: Developing a bond with Tifa involves frequent conversations, completing Odd Jobs she’s connected to, synergy skills in combat, event performances, and shared beach fight choices.

– **Barret**: Strengthening the bond with Barret requires consistent communication, completing Odd Jobs involving him, and synergy skills. In addition, choices in events like Lifeline in Peril and When Words Won’t Do impact your bond with him.

Navigating the bonding system in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is key to securing a Gold Saucer date with your preferred party member. Paying attention to interactions, choices, events, and combat strategies will help you cultivate strong connections and unlock special moments with your chosen character. So, dive into the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, deepen those bonds, and embark on an unforgettable journey at the Gold Saucer.


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