A recent partnership between Walmart Connect and Disney Advertising has opened up new possibilities for advertisers. The collaboration allows advertisers to leverage Walmart’s shopping data to target Disney’s streaming portfolio, which includes Disney Plus and Hulu. This move aims to enhance audience targeting and measurement capabilities for marketers.

Walmart advertisers now have the opportunity to use the retailer’s shopper data in conjunction with Disney’s Audience Graph tools. By combining datasets through clean-room technology, user data remains protected and cannot be shared with external parties. This data-driven approach enables advertisers to tailor their campaigns more effectively and reach audiences consuming Disney content across various platforms.

With approximately 145 million customers shopping at Walmart both online and in-store each week, the partnership offers a vast pool of data for marketers to tap into. Ryan Mayward, senior vice president of retail media sales for Walmart Connect, highlights the potential for advertisers to apply these insights to their campaigns and engage with customers while they are streaming Disney content.

In addition to the data-sharing aspect of the partnership, Disney will also be joining Walmart’s Partner Lab, which includes companies like TikTok, Roku, and NBCUniversal. This collaborative space allows for the testing of new ad formats and measurement techniques. The partnership extends beyond data sharing, fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation among industry players.

The initial testing of the partnership is set to begin in the second quarter, focusing on categories such as consumer electronics, automotive, and apparel. This move comes on the heels of Walmart’s acquisition of smart TV maker Vizio for $2.3 billion in February, signaling further growth in its ad business. The partnership between Walmart Connect and Disney Advertising sets the stage for a new era of targeted advertising and data-driven marketing strategies.

Overall, the collaboration between Walmart and Disney represents a strategic alignment of resources and expertise in the digital advertising space. By combining shopper data with audience targeting tools, advertisers gain a powerful platform to reach consumers across different streaming services. As the partnership evolves, it is likely to drive innovation and efficiency in the advertising industry, setting a new standard for targeted marketing campaigns.


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