In a surprising turn of events, Warner Bros., the former owners of the Adult Swim Games publishing label, have reached out to developers to return ownership of their game’s Steam pages. This move comes after a period of uncertainty when it seemed like all Adult Swim Games would be delisted. Developers like Landon Podbielski and Owen Deery have expressed their relief at receiving emails from Warner Bros. confirming the return of their game’s store listings.

Back in March, Warner Bros. had informed developers that their games would be delisted and ownership would not be transferred back to the original studios. This decision left many developers in a state of panic as years worth of Steam reviews and recognition were at risk of being wiped away. However, the recent turn of events shows a reversal of Warner Bros.’s stated policy, bringing a wave of relief to developers like Landon Podbielski and Owen Deery.

Adult Swim Games, founded in 2005, was restructured by its parent company in late 2020, effectively putting an end to the publishing label. Despite the restructuring, many developers had their games published under Adult Swim Games, including popular titles like Robot Unicorn Attack, Jazzpunk, and Kingsway. While Adult Swim Games did not hold IP rights to the games they published, they did control the Steam store pages, which could have been a major setback for developers if delisted.

Transferring ownership of a Steam store page is a straightforward process, but in cases where developers are no longer active, some games may never return to Steam. This poses a significant risk for developers who may lose access to their own creations due to unforeseen circumstances. Moving forward, it will be crucial for developers to stay vigilant and proactive in maintaining ownership of their game’s distribution channels.

Overall, the news of Warner Bros. returning ownership of game Steam pages to developers is a positive development in the gaming industry. It highlights the importance of maintaining transparency and communication between publishers and developers to ensure the longevity and success of games in the marketplace. As more developers come forward with similar stories, it becomes clear that collaboration and respect for intellectual property rights are crucial for the continued growth of the industry.


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