It’s been well over ten years since The Office aired its final episode on NBC, but the show’s legacy continues to thrive. Rainn Wilson, who portrayed the beloved character Dwight Schrute, recently experienced a blast from the past during his stay at the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence, Italy.

During his stay, Wilson was pleasantly surprised when room service delivered his silverware encased in Jello. This playful prank immediately brought back memories of a classic scene from the pilot episode of The Office. In this episode, Dwight’s co-worker Jim Halpert (played by John Krasinski) humorously embedded Dwight’s stapler in Jello, much to Dwight’s dismay.

Taking the joke in stride, Wilson shared the clever prank on social media, delighting fans of The Office worldwide. The hotel staff not only embraced the joke but also left a witty message for Wilson, saying, “Hope you enjoyed your stay with us… and the room service as well!”

This nostalgic moment comes on the heels of Wilson and some of his former Office castmates reuniting for a fake pillow ad. The ad was part of a promotional campaign for AT&T’s Business Next Level Network. Despite this fun reunion, there is currently no official confirmation of a new show featuring the Office veterans.

The enduring popularity of The Office and its unforgettable characters continue to bring joy to fans across the globe. Rainn Wilson’s recent encounter with a Dwight Schrute-inspired prank serves as a heartwarming reminder of the impact that this iconic show has had on popular culture. As long as fans continue to cherish The Office, the spirit of Dunder Mifflin and its quirky employees will live on in our hearts and minds.


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