When looking at the current status of the Helldivers 2 Major Orders, it is clear that there are some issues that need to be addressed. Players have been tasked with defending 10 planets against both Terminids and Automatons, but progress seems to be slow. Despite Arrowhead’s reassurance that progress may not be tracking accurately at the moment, it is evident that the current assignment has been quite challenging from the beginning. This has led to frustration among players.

Community manager Spitz recently responded to the backlash from players who are blaming the developers for the lack of coordination needed to succeed in the Major Orders. Spitz revealed that Game Master Joel has been quietly assisting players by lowering the decay rate. This undermines the argument that developers are solely responsible for the lack of progress. Spitz emphasized that the fate of democracy in the game lies in the hands of the players.

The Inherent Strategy of Major Orders

Major Orders in Helldivers 2 require a certain level of strategic planning, with some planets being higher priorities than others. However, there is a significant portion of casual players who may not be aware of this strategy. The lack of coordination among players poses a challenge in achieving success in these orders. Arrowhead is working on making this information more accessible, but ultimately, it is up to the players to engage in strategic planning.

According to Spitz, the main issue with the Major Orders seems to be a collective skill problem. Casual players may not be as invested in the strategic aspects of the game and may choose to play on their own terms. Even if features like in-game voting on planet priority were implemented, there is no guarantee that casual players would follow the consensus. This lack of cohesion hinders the overall success of Major Orders.

The struggles with Helldivers 2 Major Orders can be attributed to a combination of factors. While developers like Game Master Joel have attempted to assist players behind the scenes, the lack of coordination and strategic planning among the community remains a significant hurdle. It is essential for players to understand the inherent strategy of Major Orders and actively engage in collaborative efforts to achieve success. Only through collective skill and unity can players hope to overcome the challenges posed by Major Orders in Helldivers 2.


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