Shift Up, the developers behind the action-RPG game Stellar Blade, are currently contemplating the possibility of releasing the game on PC. This decision comes after the success of the game on the PlayStation 5 platform, prompting the developers to explore new avenues for expanding their user base and increasing sales. The announcement was made in Shift Up’s latest financial report, indicating their interest in reaching a wider audience by making the game available on multiple platforms.

In addition to considering a PC release for Stellar Blade, Shift Up is also contemplating the development of a sequel to the game. This move is not surprising, given the success of the first installment on the PlayStation 5 platform. The developers see great potential in the game as a franchise, likening it to popular titles such as God of War and Final Fantasy. They are also considering the possibility of creating multiple sequels to establish a long-term revenue stream through the franchise.

Shift Up’s strategy for future game development involves creating successful multi-platform solutions based on their past experiences with titles like Destiny Child, Victory: Nikke, and Stellar Blade. While Destiny Child and Stellar Blade are yet to be released on PC, Victory: Nikke, a third-person shooter game, made its debut on PC last year. The company plans to leverage their experience with these titles to bring future games to a wider audience on various platforms.

Apart from working on a new Stellar Blade and exploring a potential PC release, Shift Up is investing in other original intellectual properties (IP) as they move into 2025. One such project is a subculture IP codenamed Project Witches, which is set to be released on PC, console, and mobile platforms. However, the indication is that Project Witches will be a multi-platform gacha game similar to Nikke, rather than a technically polished action-RPG like Stellar Blade.

Shift Up’s consideration for a PC release of Stellar Blade and the development of a potential sequel indicate the studio’s commitment to expanding their reach and establishing successful franchises. While the future looks bright for the multi-platform future of Stellar Blade, with the possibility of multiple sequels and new original IPs on the horizon, it remains to be seen how these projects will resonate with gamers. Nonetheless, Shift Up’s strategic approach to game development and their focus on reaching a wider audience through various platforms suggest a promising future for the studio.


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