The Fallout London mod, a project aiming to depict the post-apocalyptic environment in England’s capital, was set to be released on April 23. However, plans have been disrupted due to the announcement of a next-gen update for Fallout 4 by Bethesda on April 25. Project lead, Dean Carter, explains that the update is likely to “break” many mods, including Fallout London, as they rely on the Fallout 4 script extender.

Carter expresses concerns about the Fallout 4 script extender, which is used in various mods including Fallout London. He anticipates that the extender will be incompatible with the new update, necessitating fixes from the modding community. As a result, the release date for Fallout London is now uncertain, despite extensive testing and preparation that had been done in anticipation of the original release date.

The Fallout London team is particularly worried about systems based on the F4 SE, which powers the dialogue systems in the mod. Carter explains that this framework, along with other new features like the UI and perks system, will all require adjustments after the update goes live. This poses a significant challenge for the modding team, as they strive to deliver an experience as close to an official game release as possible.

Additionally, Carter reveals that Fallout London is a massive project, estimated to be between 30 to 40 gigabytes in size. This renders it impractical for release on consoles or popular mod hosting sites like NexusMods. However, the team has identified a way to distribute the mod to players who own the game on GOG, offering a potential solution for PC players. Despite this progress, there is still uncertainty surrounding the timeline for making the mod available through this platform.

The Fallout London mod faces significant challenges and delays due to the upcoming Fallout 4 next-gen update. The dependence on the Fallout 4 script extender, combined with the sheer size of the mod, has complicated the release process. While the modding team remains dedicated to delivering a high-quality experience to players, the future timeline for Fallout London’s release remains uncertain.


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