The tech world is abuzz with excitement as AMD’s Zen 5 based Granite Ridge processors are on the cusp of their release. With Asus already rolling out support for these next-gen chips on their X670E motherboards, it seems like the launch is imminent. The release of supporting BIOSes by Asus hints towards a potential launch date that is sooner rather than later.

AMD has stated that they are aiming for a launch of Zen 5 in the second half of 2024. Speculations are rife that AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su might unveil these processors during her Computex keynote on June 3. If that happens, we can expect to see a range of next-generation motherboards from various vendors on display.

If Zen 5 does indeed launch ahead of Intel’s Arrow Lake chips, it could spell trouble for the blue team. Reports suggest that Zen 5 could be over 40% faster than its predecessor, Zen 4, in the SPEC benchmark. With models boasting up to 16-cores, faster memory support, and integrated AI engines, Zen 5 seems poised to make a significant impact in the market.

Just like Zen 4, Granite Ridge will feature a chiplet design. Along with the core architecture enhancements, these processors are expected to include an integrated AI engine, faster memory support, and possibly RDNA 2 integrated graphics on the same I/O die. AMD is likely to release X3D versions later in the year to compete with Intel’s offerings.

As we await the official launch of Zen 5, the release of supporting BIOSes by Asus indicates that we might not have to wait much longer. The tech community eagerly anticipates the performance improvements and features that AMD has in store with their next-gen processors. With leaks expected in the coming weeks, it won’t be long before we get a glimpse of what AMD has been working on in their labs. The competition between AMD and Intel is heating up, and consumers are in for an exciting ride in the world of processors.


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