In the golden days of the NES, Sunsoft introduced a game titled Gimmick that failed to make a significant impact initially. However, recent appraisals have hailed it as a true classic, leading it to become one of the most coveted games on the platform. Despite its obscurity in the past, Gimmick’s reputation has soared over the years, prompting a new developer to craft a long-awaited sequel. Gimmick 2 is slated for release on all major gaming platforms in 2024, sparking excitement among fans of the original game.

Although specific details about the gameplay of Gimmick 2 remain scarce, early promotional material promises players the opportunity to solve puzzles, outsmart enemies, and navigate a physics-based world, reminiscent of the challenges in the first installment. Bitwave Games, the studio behind Gimmick 2, has a track record of re-releasing classic shoot ’em up games and developing well-received platformers like Wunderling. With Bitwave Games at the helm, fans can anticipate a blend of nostalgia and innovation in Gimmick 2.

The Rarity of Classic Gimmick

Originally released on the Famicom in 1992, Gimmick showcased the technical prowess of the aging console through stunning graphics, a captivating soundtrack generated by a unique sound chip embedded in the game cartridge, and intricate platforming gameplay that defied expectations. Despite its qualities, Gimmick had limited exposure outside Japan, with the NES version, rebranded as Mr. Gimmick, exclusively available in Scandinavia. As a result, authentic copies of Gimmick have become prized possessions among retro gaming enthusiasts, often fetching high prices in the collector’s market.

While Gimmick was once revered for its technical achievements and scarcity, contemporary gamers have had the opportunity to rediscover the game’s platforming excellence. A remastered version of Gimmick launched on various platforms, including PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, drawing in a new generation of players and reintroducing the classic title to a wider audience. The success of the remaster paved the way for the much-anticipated sequel, reigniting interest in the whimsical world of Gimmick.

The impending release of Gimmick 2 represents a culmination of nostalgia, innovation, and reverence for a beloved classic. As fans eagerly await its arrival, the legacy of Gimmick continues to endure, proving that timeless gameplay and enduring charm never go out of style.


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