In the past few weeks, players of Helldivers 2 have achieved significant victories against the mechanized Automatons and the space crab Terminids. These triumphs, however, have not gone unnoticed, and now both factions are seeking revenge. The developer at Arrowhead Studios warns that troops may struggle to fend off the impending attacks from these riled-up enemies.

According to the community manager, Spitz, the game is designed in a way that players are meant to lose ground on one front. By provoking the Terminid swarm and giving the Automatons time to regroup, the developers have created a scenario where both factions will aggressively push to reclaim territory. Defend Events are expected to be frequent, forcing players to make strategic decisions on where to focus their efforts.

Spitz emphasizes the importance of carefully selecting which planets to prioritize for defense. Past failures in a crucial Major Order against the Automatons were attributed to split forces and indecisiveness among players. As the battle intensifies, organization and clear priorities will be essential for the survival of the Helldivers’ mission.

As tensions rise and the enemies gather strength, players must brace themselves for a challenging period ahead. With both the Automatons and the Terminids seeking retribution, the outcome of the upcoming battles remains uncertain. Troopers are advised to stay vigilant, collaborate effectively, and make smart choices to stand a chance against the impending onslaught.

The Helldivers 2 community is on the brink of a major conflict as the Automatons and Terminids prepare to strike back. The upcoming battles will test the skills and decision-making abilities of every player, with victory hanging in the balance. As the forces of Super Earth’s colonial project face formidable foes, only those who can adapt, strategize, and unite will emerge triumphant in the face of adversity.


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