The Strong, a New York-based “museum of play,” has been curating a Hall of Fame that celebrates the most important games and creators in the industry. While some may view these accolades as simply a marketing ploy, there is a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the impact that these games have had on the gaming world. The Strong’s Hall of Fame includes a diverse range of inductees, from traditional video games to tabletop games and even everyday items like sand and cardboard boxes.

The 2021 Inductees

This year, the Hall of Fame inducted five classic video games that have left a lasting impression on the gaming community. Among them are Atari arcade classic Asteroids, the original Resident Evil, Myst, SimCity, and Ultima. Each of these games has played a significant role in shaping the gaming landscape, whether through groundbreaking world-building, popularizing new genres, or influencing future game development.

Recognition of Contribution

Despite some critics questioning the inclusion of certain games, The Strong has highlighted the contributions of each inductee. Myst, for example, was noted for its pioneering use of CD-ROMs and its status as the best-selling PC game of the nineties. SimCity was recognized for popularizing simulation and city-building games, paving the way for titles like The Sims. Ultima’s influence on fantasy roleplaying games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy was also acknowledged, illustrating its impact on the genre.

The inductees will now be featured in a permanent exhibition at The Strong’s physical museum in Rochester, NY. This display will join the ranks of over 40 other video games that have been added to the Hall of Fame since its inception in 2015. The museum’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the history of gaming is evident in its diverse selection of inductees, showcasing the evolution of the industry over time.

Looking to the future, The Strong has hinted at the possibility of adding even more iconic games to its Hall of Fame. Titles like Doom, World of Warcraft, Oregon Trail, and Minecraft are among the contenders for future induction. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see which games are recognized for their lasting impact and influence on the industry.

The Strong’s Video Game Hall of Fame serves as a tribute to the industry’s most iconic and influential games. By honoring these classics and preserving their legacy, the museum celebrates the artistry, innovation, and cultural significance of gaming. As new generations of gamers discover these timeless titles, they will gain a greater appreciation for the pioneers who laid the foundation for the games we enjoy today.


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