As news broke that Warner Bros. Discovery is planning to delist a number of games published by Adult Swim Games, developers are coming forward with their own experiences and concerns. The delisting of games like Soundodger+ and Fist Puncher has sent waves of panic through the developer community, with many expressing worries about the future of their own titles.

Several developers have shared their struggles in trying to transfer their games to different accounts in order to avoid being delisted. Matt Kain, one of the developers of Fist Puncher, revealed that Warner Bros. had refused to transfer the game to their Steam publisher account, claiming a lack of resources for such transfers. Despite the relatively simple transfer process, the developers are facing roadblocks in their efforts to retain their games on digital storefronts.

Studio Bean, the developer of Soundodger+, was informed by Warner Bros. Discovery that their game would be delisted in the next 60 days. Despite offering to facilitate the transfer process, the developer was met with resistance from Warner Bros. Discovery. The studio was only allowed to republish the game on Steam if all mentions of Adult Swim were removed, causing frustration and disappointment among developers.

The delistings have not only impacted developers but have also caused concern among fans and supporters of the affected games. Landon Podbielski, creator of Duck Game, expressed his distress at the situation on social media, highlighting the potential impact on the games and the people behind them. The community has rallied around these developers, offering support and solidarity during this challenging time.

While some developers have confirmed that their games will not be delisted, there remains uncertainty surrounding other titles published by Adult Swim Games. Several well-known games like Rain World and Volgarr the Viking have been deemed safe from delisting, while others such as Battle Chef Brigade and Death’s Gambit are still at risk. The fate of these games hinges on whether Warner Bros. Discovery decides to remove them from digital storefronts.

The delisting of games poses a larger question about the future of game preservation and the rights of developers. The uncertainty surrounding the fate of these games raises concerns about the impact on small developers and their livelihoods. As developers navigate the challenges of transferring their games and preserving their work, the broader implications of these delistings highlight the need for better support and protection for creators in the industry.

The delisting of Adult Swim Games by Warner Bros. Discovery has sent shockwaves through the developer community, prompting concerns about game preservation and the rights of creators. As developers grapple with the challenges of retaining their games on digital storefronts, the broader impact of these delistings raises important questions about the future of the industry. Amidst the uncertainty and frustration, the community has shown solidarity and support for the affected developers, underscoring the importance of coming together to navigate these challenges and advocate for the preservation of creative work.


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