Magic: The Gathering fans are eagerly anticipating the next set of Secret Lair offerings, known as the Spring Superdrop 2024. This upcoming release brings an unexpected collaboration with the popular virtual singer, Hatsune Miku. The Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar drop is set to launch on May 13, marking the beginning of a series of four Hatsune Miku drops scheduled to hit Magic’s Secret Lair limited-time shop throughout the year. Each drop will revolve around a different season, offering fans a unique theme and design with each release.

The Sakura Superstar drop is the first in the series and is inspired by the annual cherry blossom season in Japan, known as “sakura.” This collection will feature six cards, all of which are reprints of previously released cards. However, three of the cards have been given new names to align with the Hatsune Miku theme. Fans can expect a blend of traditional Magic: The Gathering gameplay with the vibrant and energetic aesthetic of Hatsune Miku, creating a truly unique collector’s item.

Hatsune Miku is the latest addition to the diverse lineup of video-game-related franchises that have made their way into Magic: The Gathering through Secret Lair. Previous collaborations have included popular titles such as Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Fortnite, and Fallout. Fans of both Magic: The Gathering and Hatsune Miku will appreciate the fusion of these two creative worlds, offering a fresh and exciting experience for collectors and players alike.

The Secret Lair Spring Superdrop 2024 is set to launch on May 13 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. The Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar drop will be available for purchase at $30 for the non-foil version and $40 for the foil version. Both English and Japanese language options will be offered for fans around the world to enjoy. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a touch of Hatsune Miku magic to your Magic: The Gathering collection.


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